EPA UST AR Regulation Deadline



Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida

No matter what part of the US your project is in, DATZ can help you identify flexible and appropriate options while maintaining a site’s use. If, during the course of operation or closure activity a tank release is identified, DATZ can also help you complete the initial regulatory notification and investigation tasks, based on ASTM’s RBCA process at petroleum-contaminated sites.

Highly Trained Techs, 24 Hour Service, Guaranteed on time testing!

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Compliance Testing

Petroleum Storage Tank and Line Testing, Secondary Testing, Vapor Recovery we’ve got you covered.

Inspection Services

With a focus on State Requirements, RP900, and RP1200 our Monthly and Annual Inspection will keep you compliant.

UST Compliance Management

You manage your business, and DATZ will manage the daily activities and schedules to ensure you are compliant.  Peace of mind and accountability.  You deserve nothing less.

Specialty Services

Asset management, Fuel Quality Management, to meeting State Inspectors on-site during investigations. We’ve are there for you.

Corrosion Protection Services

Preventing both atmospheric and contact corrosion. We have a solution to reduce potential releases and costly repairs.

Removals / Closures

 Tank and piping removal. Filling Tanks in Place. Sampling and reporting. We understand the need for limiting liabilities.

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